Smooth Tee Ell - 1-1/4 inch Furniture Grade

Smooth Tee Ell - 1-1/4 inch Furniture Grade
Item# 444

Product Description

[444]Structurally strong T-Lís (Slip Tees) create the look of a tee with one open socket, which pipe length will slide through and one closed socket positioned 90 degrees on center. They are great for hinged assemblies such as doors and lids.External connections to fit over pipe. Injection molded from 100% furniture grade PVC compound. High gloss non printed surface. Tapered ends on sockets for clean transition to pipe. Considerably more socket depth than plumbing fittings. Impact strength is typically 5 times as strong as plumbing, conduit, and irrigation fittings (based on independent lab testing). UV resistant to maintain integrity and look through years of exposure to varying weather conditions.